The 2014 session of the International Educational Initiative of Young Scientists “Molecula” will be held in Moscow on April 16-20, 2014.

During this session, PhD students (from Russia, India and Germany) at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory will give lectures in schools of Moscow, popular science museum “Experimentanium” and at the Department of Biology of Moscow State University. A detailed program is available on the “Program” page. Information about the presenters and lecture topics can be found on the “Participants” page.

The international educational initiative “Molecula” is an informal group of young biologists working in Germany. The goals of the Initiative are the following:

  • Teach school students about modern biology and spark their interest in the natural sciences
  • Acquaint them with practicing scientists
  • Provide an opportunity to practice language and intercultural contacts
  • Tell about career opportunities in science

The 2014 spring session is supported by a Moscow company “Anthology of Travels”.